Diving Courses

The FEEL DEEP  diving club offers you diving courses through PSS – Professional Scuba Schools, which today is considered as one of the best diving schools and works on all areas of diving activities. Learn more about the structure of education and the school of the PSS on

PSS is a world known diving didactic method and it is unique in covering the education of divers in all diving techniques. It covers the areas of Free Diving, Recreational Diving, Technical Diving, Professional and Emergency Diving. PSS has gained a RSTC certificate which assures the quality and equivalence of diving courses. More about the structure of education and PSS read on

OWD/Junior OWD (Open Water Diver)

With this course you get a ticket to the underground world of recreational scuba diving, using self-contained diving equipment. It gives you the basic knowledge for amateur or recreational dives, and represents the first step towards becoming a diver.

AOWD/Junior AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver)

This course will give you additional knowledge about safety diving to a depth of 30 metres. The knowledge from the OWD/Junior OWD course is upgraded by this course, where you meet new challenges and get all the necessary experience to safely explore the underwater world.


The latest tool that enables divers to extend their time underwater is the use of breathing mixtures. One of them is NITROX (also known as ENRICHED AIR, SAFE AIR, etc).

Dry Suit Diver

On the diving speciality course Dry Suit Diver, you will learn about the theory of diving with a dry suit, learn about the benefits and features of dry suits.

Deep Diver

Deep Diver course completes your training as Advance Open Water Diver and extend the skills, knowledge and enjoyment of diving between the depths of 30 and 40 meter (maximum).

Rescue diver

Aim of Rescue diver course is to upgrade your diving skills, learn about self-rescue, rescue activity operations to your diving buddy and rescue activity in the water and on the surface.


DIVEMASTER course give you abilities to supervise other divers during diving and to help dive instructors during recreations dive courses.

Refresh Course

The refresher diving course is intended for all divers who have not dived for a long time.

Information about diving courses

Thomas Robič, diving instructor and instructor of diving specialty
tel.: +386 41 761 295

Miran Rojko, diving instructor
tel.: +386 31 599 243


Students who have successfully completed one of our diving courses

In our club we regularly conduct diving courses, which are the responsibility of our diving instructor Thomas Robic. The courses, that we successfully run, range from the beginner diving course to the assistant instructor diving course. Consequently, we congratulate all the divers for successfully completing one of our diving course!

Diving Course Photos

In the gallery we are collecting all photos which were made by the members or supportes of our club on their diving courses, under or above water. Check out some photo galleries, which were incurred on our diving courses.