The latest tool that enables divers to extend their time underwater is the use of breathing mixtures. One of them is NITROX (also known as ENRICHED AIR, SAFE AIR, etc).

The development of diving is mainly associated with our desire to stay underwater longer. Diving suits are warmer and more comfortable, and cylinders contain more air.  An increasingly important limit is decompression or, more precisely, no decompression limits. A dive computer which monitors the actual dive profile and calculates the optimal decompression has become a normal part of the equipment. Nevertheless, we are still not satisfied! We want to stay underwater longer and experience less decompression.

The latest tool that enables divers to extend their time underwater is the use of breathing mixtures. One of them is NITROX (also known as ENRICHED AIR, SAFE AIR, etc).

NITROX is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, which contains more oxygen than normal air – usually between 21 % and 50 %.  Since NITROX enables the body to absorb less nitrogen, we can stay underwater longer and without decompression. It offers the most benefits at depths ranging from 15 m to 30 m, especially if the terrain enables multi-level dives (e.g. sunken ships). It can be also used at a depth of approximately 50 metres, and for better decompression during technical decompression diving. The market now also offers NITROX dive computers that combine the advantages of multi-level diving and NITROX.

Course overview:

Theoretical part:
    History of enriched air use,
    Effects of enriched air on a diver,
    Mathematical calculations,
    Toxicity of oxygen,
    Equipment needed.

Practical part:
    Breathing mixtures,
    Planning a dive with a mixture,
    2 dives with various mixtures.

Requirements for the course:
    Successfully completed AOWD/Junior AOWD course,
    Minimum age is 15 years.

The things needed for the course:
    Desire for knowledge of advanced diving,
    Good temper,
    Swimwear and towel,
    Own diving equipment.

Where can I dive after I successfully complete the NITROX DIVER course?
In all rivers, lakes, and seas of the world, in a pair with a diver, and using appropriate mixture.

 PRICE: 150,00 Eur/member and 160,00 Eur/non-member of FEEL DEEP diving club, course members pay for the diving center services themselves  (use of the center and filling of cylinders).

Application - NITROX Diver



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PSS diving courses

The FEEL DEEP diving club offers diving courses through PSS – Professional Scuba Schools diving school, which today is considered as one of the best diving schools and it works on all areas of diving activities. Under its aegis combines the education of divers in all categories of diving, from apnee, recreation, technical and professional diving and also emergency. In our diving club, you can finish the following diving courses:

- OWD/Junior OWD (Open Water Diver)
- AOWD/Junior AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver)
- NITROX Diver
- Dry Suit Diver
- Deep Diver
- Rescue diver
- Divemaster
- Refresh Course

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