DIVEMASTER course give you abilities to supervise other divers during diving and to help dive instructors during recreations dive courses.

DIVEMASTER course represents first step into professional levels of diving. At the successful end of course according to EN14153-3 standard the candidate obtains certificate that disclose competence and membership in the PSS as a “professional”. DIVEMASTER course represents important transition level of diver. Previously, the diver was responsible only for himself and his dive buddy.  After course DIVEMASTER assume responsibility for the safety and joy of all divers that he accompanied at diving. DIVEMASTER ultimately may be assigned for assistance for dive instructors during recreational courses. Help means replacement in certain specific moment in the classes’ supervision process where candidates are in the water for the first time. Like any other professional level is considered, DIVEMASTER qualification requires annual certification renewal.

DIVEMASTER course requirements:
- DEEP DIVER certification or certification of a comparable level,
- FIRST AID certification and ability to provide first aid and CRP recovery (valid),
- SCUBA RESCUE DIVER certification.

At least 60 dives in log book at following levels:
- at least 50 dives after ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER certification,
- at least 30 dives in different environmental conditions - depth of more than 30 meters, horizontal visibilities at least 2 meters, water temperature less than 10 degrees, current of 0,25m/sec - 0,5 knots,
- diving in different locations (lakes, calm sea, tropical sea, sandy or coral bottom, in stream, night dives, limited visibility, etc.).

Age requirements: Minimum 18 years,
Minimal formal education: vocational school (IV. Degree),
Before course the candidate is obliged to submit a medical certificate that confirms the ability to perform diving activities. In the case, that candidate is a doctor; self-confirmation of medical certificate is not acceptable,
Statement of responsibility where/if law demands it,
Own diving equipment.

Other course requirements:
- theoretical hours: 20 hours (individual study included),
- practical hours outside the water: min 20 hours,
- practical hours in water: min 10 hours,
- individual study (before course candidate has to renew his general diving knowledge and PSS knowledge),
- swimming aptitude test and capability test with own diving eqiupment (according to PSS standards).

PRICE:  500,00 Eur/member and 530,00 Eur/non-member of FEEL DEEP diving club, course members pay for the diving center services themselves (use of the center and filling of cylinders).

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For all additional information relating to the diving courses you can contact us via email or over the phone +386/41/761-295 (Thomas - we speak English)

PSS diving courses

The FEEL DEEP diving club offers diving courses through PSS – Professional Scuba Schools diving school, which today is considered as one of the best diving schools and it works on all areas of diving activities. Under its aegis combines the education of divers in all categories of diving, from apnee, recreation, technical and professional diving and also emergency. In our diving club, you can finish the following diving courses:

- OWD/Junior OWD (Open Water Diver)
- AOWD/Junior AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver)
- NITROX Diver
- Dry Suit Diver
- Deep Diver
- Rescue diver
- Divemaster
- Refresh Course

PSS has an RSTC certificate, which guarantees the quality and the equivalence of diving courses. Learn more about the structure of education and the PSS school on